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Chairmen of the CIAAW

The Great International Committee on Atomic Weights was established in 1899 and it consisted of more than fifty representatives from many countries. During the early years, the Committee did not have a formal Chairman yet Hans H. Landolt can be considered its acting chairman. In 1902, the International Committee was reduced to three members with Frank W. Clarke as its inaugural Chairman. Since 1899 there have been eighteen Chairmen (Presidents) of the CIAAW.

CIAAW Chairmen since 1899

1Hans H. LandoltGerman Empire1899-1901
2Frank W. ClarkeUSA1902-1921
3Georges UrbainFrance1922-1929
4Gregory P. BaxterUSA1930-1949
5Edward WichersUSA1950-1959
6Tomas BatuecasSpain1960-1963
7Norman N. GreenwoodUK1968-1975
8Etienne RothFrance1976-1979
9Norman E. HoldenUSA1980-1983
10Raymond L. MartinAustralia1984-1987
11John de LaeterAustralia1988-1991
12Klaus G. HeumannGermany1992-1995
13Ludolf SchultzGermany1996-2001
14Philip D.P. TaylorBelgium2002-2003
15Tiping DingChina2004-2007
16Roberto GonfiantiniItaly2008-2009
17Willi A. BrandGermany2010-2013
18Juris MeijaCanadafrom 2014

In the past the Commission had also the distinctions of a Honorary President and a Vice President. Frank W. Clarke (1921-1926), Sir Thomas Edward Thorpe (1921-1926) and Gregory Baxter (1950-1954) have served as Honorary Presidents of the CIAAW whereas Robert Whytlaw-Gray (1952-1956), Tomas Batuecas (1958-1960) and Arne Olander (1960-1968) have served as Vice Presidents of the CIAAW.

Hans Landolt

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Hans H. Landolt (1831-1910) was the acting Chairman of the Great International Committee on Atomic Weights from 1899-1902.

Frank W. Clarke

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Frank W. Clarke (1847-1931) was the inaugural Chairman of the International Commission of Atomic Weights from 1902-1921.

Georges Urbain

Roger Violett

Georges Urbain (1872-1938) served as the Chairman from 1922-1929. He is a co-discoverer of the element lutetium