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    Copper Isotope Materials

    Natural samples cover a range of roughly 16 ‰ for δ(65Cu) with the most positive values found in carbonates and the most negative values in copper chlorides. Most studies of copper isotopic-abundances focus on geochemical topics or, in special cases, on financially driven topics, such as the provenance of minerals.

    δ(65Cu) Values of Reference Materials

    Name Material δSRM976(65Cu)
    NIST SRM 976elemental Cu 0 ‰*
    ERM-AE633Cu(NO3)2 solution-0.01(6) ‰
    ERM-AE647Cu(NO3)2 solution-0.21(6) ‰
    Name Material δSRM976(65Cu)

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    * Exact value defining the δ(65Cu) SRM976 scale.
    Values in parenthesis are expanded (k = 2) uncertainties applicable to the last digits. The values listed in this table are compilation and are not necessarily CIAAW recommendations.


    W.A. Brand et al
    Assessment of international reference materials for isotope-ratio analysis Pure and Applied Chemistry 86, 425-467 (2014)