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    Press Coverage

    Selected press coverage is listed here in chronological order.

    2015 [english]
    Ytterbium Gets A New Atomic Weight. Chemical and Engineering News (American Chemical Society) (17 September 2015)
    Ytterbium has new atomic weight. Chemistry World (Royal Society of Chemistry) (15 September 2015)

    2013 [english]
    New Atomic Weights for 19 Elements. The Cornell Daily Sun (2 December 2013)
    Revised Atomic Weights. Chemical and Engineering News (American Chemical Society) (7 October 2013)
    Atomic Weights Changed for Gold, 18 Other Elements. Huffington Post (28 September 2013)
    The Periodic Table puts on Weight. Telegraph (26 September 2013)
    IUPAC votes to change standard atomic weights of 19 elements. phys.org (26 September 2013)
    Editorial. The Northern Miner (25 September 2013)
    Elemental weigh in. Chemistry World (Royal Society of Chemistry) (25 September 2013)
    Atomic Weight Changed for 19 Elements. Yahoo! News (24 September 2013)
    Chemistry's Biggest Loser: Official Atomic Weights Change For 19 Elements. Popular Science (24 September 2013)
    ITM study gives bromine an atomic weight makeover. Stockholm University (27 August 2013)
    Weight of the worlds. Western Australia Today (10 August 2013)
    In the News: Elementary!. American Scientist Vol. 100, No. 4, p. 272 (July-August 2013)
    Not-so-constant weights. Frontline (India) (12 July 2013)
    Atomic weights of five elements tweaked. NBC News (14 June 2013)
    Not So Constant: Atomic Weights Changed for Five Chemical Elements. US Geological Survey (12 June 2013)
    Atomic weights revision changes periodic table. NewScientist (22 May 2013)

    2013 [non-english]
    Bobot 19 unsure kimia berubah. Tempo (Indonesia) (1 October 2013)
    Променят средната атомна маса на 19 елемента. Novini (Bulgaria) (30 September 2013)
    Kullasta painavampaa - myös 18 muuta alkuainetta sai uuden atomimassan. Katalous (Finland) (29 September 2013)
    Pontosabb atomtömegekkel frissült a periódusos rendszer. Ipon (Hungary) (29 September 2013)
    Предложено изменить стандартную атомную массу 19 элементов. Вести (Russia) (27 September 2013)
    Новые значения атомных масс получили 19 элементов таблицы Менделеева. atomic-energy.ru (Russia) (27 September 2013)
    Нових значень атомних мас набули 19 елементів таблиці Менделєєва. Osvita (Ukraine) (26 September 2013)
    Новые значения атомных масс получили 19 элементов таблицы Менделеева. ТУТ (Belarus) (26 September 2013)
    Die offizielle Atommasse von 19 chemischen Elementen wurden soeben geändert. ShortNews (Germany) (26 September 2013)
    19 elementin atomik kütle birimi değişti. ntvmsnbc (Turkey) (25 September 2013)
    Układ okresowy pierwiastków do poprawki. Odkrywcy (Poland) (25 September 2013)
    Άλλαξε επίσημα το ατομικό βάρος 19 χημικών στοιχείων. Real (Greece) (25 September 2013)

    Older press coverage
    Rewriting the textbooks: The periodic turntable. New Scientist (23 May 2011)
    Re-Setting the Periodic Table. CBC Radio: Quirks and Quarks (8 January 2011)
    Elements Get An Atomic Weight Makeover. National Public Radio (7 January 2011)
    New Format for Atomic Weights. Chemical and Engineering News (20 December 2010)
    Atomic weights change to reflect natural variations. Chemistry World (20 December 2010)
    Is the Periodic Table of Elements Wrong? FOX News (16 December 2010)
    Periodic table to get ten historic changes. Wired (UK) (16 December 2010)
    Mass Migration: Chemists Revise Atomic Weights of 10 Elements. Scientific American (16 December 2010)
    Canadian leads revamp of periodic table. CBC News (15 December 2010)
    Atomic weights of 10 elements to be altered. Los Angeles Times (14 December 2010)
    It ain't heavy, it's hydrogen: Scientists updating periodic table. Calgary Herald (14 December 2010)
    Atomic Weights of Ten Chemical Elements About to Change. US Geological Survey (13 December 2010)